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  • Google Chromecast Audio

    Google Chromecast Audio

    In my opinion one of the coolest Google products, the discontinued, Chromecast Audio. It also supports an external DAC via mini-TOSLINK, a model number that references Jimi Hendrix and design grooves resembling a vinyl record aesthetic. Oh yeah, and it streams Spotify.   

  • Coffee, remote places & Coffee Boy

    Coffee, remote places & Coffee Boy

    “Now I can brew coffee anywhere” I was alerted to the product “Caffelano Klassik” – via Social Media and was incredibly tempted to buy one. However as I was purchasing on Amazon, a suggestion came up for a product that looked identical at 1/3 of the price. It appears that what I purchased, is as […]

  • Record Store Day 2018

    Record Store Day 2018

    It’s Record Store Day 2018. The catalog this year was very large. Only one record took my fancy, GoGo Penguin – V2.0 Deluxe Edition on Red Vinyl. I walked over to my local record shop at 3pm on the off-chance they had it. They didn’t receive stock of it. So I’m secretly glad that I […]

  • Golden Eagle – Scotland – Photo

    Golden Eagle – Scotland – Photo

    In 2018 I set myself a goal of trying to spot a Golden Eagle. I showed this photo to a friend who identified this as a Golden Eagle. I took this a year earlier. – March 2017

  • Cairngorms Mountains – Wallpaper

    Cairngorms Mountains – Wallpaper

    Download Wallpaper (right click save as or press) note: site background April 2018 at time of writing.

  • Usually found in a forest.

    Usually found in a forest.

    Millstone Hill, Bennachie [forest]¬†– it’s one of my favourite places, no secret by any means, because it’s often deserted. I usually set off in a clockwise route, but on this day in late 2016, I set off counter clockwise because it’s approaching sunset and dark. I can be at the top before sunset and down […]