12 Hour Cold Brew Coffee Recipe April 2018

This is a bit of a traditionalist approach to cold brew, 12 hours sort of time, to bring out that sweetness. I usually mix this with Lime, Mint + Tonic.
Thanks to a new product on the market, Speciality Soda Cold Brew from Sandows and receiving my first delivery in the post. It’s set me off on the Cold Brew making train again.

** Disclaimer – I’m no expert – This is a set of rough guidelines, not written specifically for any particular coffee attempting to show the importance of trying to be exact. **

For this recipe you will need a Hario Mizudashi 600ml (other glass jug is fine).

I used 19g of Williams and Johnson Natural Brazi Coffee ground not altered from Kalita medium fine grind settings on my Knock, this is not ideal but not the end of the world.

– Brita Filter 300ml cold water.

-Put coffee + water into the Hario Mizudashi – and stir!
-Place the Mizudashi into the fridge for 12-14 hours, stir as often as you like.
-Now the fun part, because you used the wrong ground in step 1 (:P), it’s going to take a while to filter.

Mountain Fold a V60 Paper and put in…
-V60-02 . rinse the paper to prepare over sink.
-Start pouring your Jug into your V60-02 cone + Vessel (a Chemex would work also).

-I estimate this might take you as long as an half an hour, but keep with it, you might want to do something else as it filters.
-Pour this into a glass bottle with a lid and drink within 3 days. Keep refrigerated.

It’s really quite simple, you can use this as a base for cold brew cocktails or enjoy with ice!


note: Please rinse and ensure all of your equipment is kept clean and rinsed before use, please research in your own time cold brew risks.

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