“Think Different” – (hot) Cold Brew Coffee May 2016 Recipe

This cold brew recipe uses heat and it’s double filtered. It’s intended for African and/or lighter roasted coffee. The heat is in this instance used to bring out some of the delicate flavours in lighter roasted coffee, and personally add a bit of sharpness.
I’ve experimented with cold brew coffee for a number of years and quite honestly only in the last year I tried “officially bottled” speciality coffee in Scotland.

Traditionally cold brew coffee requires no heat, but lets start out by being different.

** Disclaimer – I’m no expert – This is a set of rough guidelines, not written specifically for any particular coffee attempting to show the importance of trying to be exact. **

For this recipe you will need a Hario Mizudashi 600ml.
I’m also making use of a Hario VDD-02.

I used 60g of Assembly Coffee ground not altered from v60 medium fine, this is not ideal but not the end of the world.

-In the VDD-02 or similar item mix the 60g of ground with 200g of off the boil hot water.

Important: time exactly 1 minute – and then add 400g of cold water.
-Swirl your potion.
-Pour this mixture into the Hario Mizudashi – it’s going to take a while on fine ground, but you’ll get there.
-Place the Mizudashi into the fridge for 14 hours.
-Now the fun part, because you used the wrong ground in step 1 (:P), it’s going to take a while to filter.
-In the VDD-02 (a V60 will also work). rinse the paper to prepare.
-Very very slowly remove the Mizudashi filter letting water drain into the Mizudashi jug.
-Start pouring your Jug into your VDD-02 filter in decanter or V60 + Vessel.

-I estimate this might take you as long as an hour and half, but keep with it, you might want to do something else as it filters.
-Pour this into a glass bottle with a lid and drink within 3 days. Keep refrigerated.

Please rinse and ensure all of your equipment is kept clean and rinsed before use, please research in your own time cold brew risks.

–I need to add photos to this post–
**Photo Assembly Cold Brew Coffee – Nice! Coffee.**



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