Current V60 Recipe May 2016

This recipe is heavily influenced by the recipe Origin Coffee Roasters provide for Nekisse N2. I recently traveled across the UK visiting Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and London. I had some amazing coffee during that time. Thanks to all of the baristas who chatted and special thanks to Cult Espresso in Edinburgh for the sample ground to take home to compare size.

What has changed from April – I’ve increased the amount of coffee I’m using from 14-16g to 17-19g, and reduced my pour time to 2.30 max.

** Disclaimer – I’m no expert – This is a set of rough guidelines, not written specifically for any particular coffee attempting to show the importance of trying to be exact. **

Despite pressure from nearly every coffee shop visited in the last 2 weeks, I’m sticking with Hario V60 and not moving to Kalita Wave.

Preparation, kettle with 500ml of water boiled, coffee ground electronically to a medium fine grind.

-1.00 minutes

Mountain Fold V60 Paper
-0.30 minutes
I’ve moved to white V60 Papers.
0.00 minutes
Mechanical bloom – After adding 17-19 grams of coffee, depending on the coffee.
Add 75g of water, stir 5 times with bamboo stirrer.
Although it is never advised to pour directly onto the filter paper, if any ground has become stuck to the edge of the cone, I use this part of the pour to force any ground from the sides to the centre of cone. 25g of water.
Pour 50g of water.
I pour clockwise 1-2cms from the edge of the V60.
Pour a further 75g of water, attempting as slow a pour as possible continuous.
At 2.00 I pour the remaining 75g in a clockwise motion again continuous and slow.
All of my water is gone at hopefully exactly this time. If necessary wait to 3 minutes for remaining water to filter, however at 3.00 I remove the cone to try to avoid over extraction.

**Photo Nekisse N2 Ethiopia Origin Coffee Roasters – Incredible Coffee.**



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2 responses to “Current V60 Recipe May 2016”

  1. Kyle avatar

    I’m going to be using this recipe in the morning! Do you know what setting you use on Hario Mini Mill to get a medium-fine ground?

    1. adam avatar

      I’m afraid I don’t however I recommend going into a local cafe offering v60 and asking for some sample ground run through a professional grinder to compare grind size. Roll it around in your palm.

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