Mzungu Project – Gardelli

I was extremely lucky to try the Mzungu Project 2018 in December from Gardelli (Italy) from a friend at a local coffee place – It was like nothing I’d tasted before in coffee and reminded me of other 90.00 plus competition coffees especially Nekisse from Origin a couple of years earlier (I think). Not because it tasted in any way similar just that it tasted so different. I ordered myself a bag and I didn’t tell anyone (we’re all allowed secrets). I drank the whole bag in December and early January of 2019. A lot of Boozy Blueberry and Dark Chocolate. Pretty perfect. I used to buy that from Lidl when I was a student.

I think it’s an SL14 – I think it might also have been the first Natural Ugandan I had, but again I’m guessing. It was definitely the best tasting. It seems to have sparked a series of Natural African Coffee. I’ve not been a fan of Natural coffee lately but I dare say I like these a lot like A LOT. Just like Geisha where I remain impartial to the processing method.

The same guy also gave me a Natural Rwandan  from Black. in Slovakia to try. That was really good. I’ve still got some of that for the weekend. And I ordered a Natural Rwandan from Origin in London/Cornwall last week. If this is the trend and taste of coffee to come in 2019, I’m happy with this.






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