Coffee presents from a Friend – London Coffee Festival 2018

I got a surprise present in a box labelled with Norway which really confused me. But it was this was explained when I realised the box was recycled and on it’s second journey; and had come from London.

Inside was lots of gifts from my friend (thanks) who attended the London Coffee Festival – 2018.

  • London Coffee Festival Tote Bag
  • Square Miles 10th Anniversary Colouring Book & Crayons
  • Square Mile Sample of a Brazilian Coffee – perfection.
  • Round Hill – Sample of Artist Series 1 Colombian – exceptional.
  • Square Mile Sherbet (I ate this on Ice Cream!)
  • A Selection of Stickers (Round Hill, Minor Figures, Kees van der Western)
  • An Espresso Enamel Pin Badge

I must attend the London Coffee Festival next year, I would love to visit so many of the stands. From Origin, to Square Mile to Hasbean to Sandows and many more!





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