Japanese Iced Coffee – Coffee Recipe

Japanese Iced Coffee – Coffee Recipe – April 2018

“a recipe for a quick cold brew fix”

  • The goal here is a slightly finer grind, as to compensate for the extra water from Ice melting, you’re only pouring 200g of water You want to filter 200ml of water in 3-4 minutes.

** Disclaimer – I’m no expert – This is a set of rough guidelines, not written specifically for any particular coffee – I’m new to Kalita. **

Preparation, kettle with 400ml of Brita filtered water boiled, coffee ground manually with Knock Aergrind, Large Ice Cubes.

-1.00 minutes
Grind 18g of coffee. Rinse papers but not into vessel as you don’t want to heat the cup, rinse over sink.

-0.30 minutes

Put Large Ice Cubes in Jug, + one in cup.

Kalita Wave white 185 papers.
After adding 18 grams of coffee – shake to flatten coffee bed, depending on the coffee.
0.00 minutes
Add 50g of water, stir clockwise times with bamboo stirrer.
I pour clockwise 1-2cms from the edge of the Kalita.
Pour a further 75g of water, attempting as slow a pour as possible continuous.
At 1.30 I pour the remaining 75g in a anti-clockwise motion again continuous and slow.
I’m aiming for 2.30-3.00 for water to filter.

Wait 1 minute for coffee to chill in ice jug.
Pour cold coffee into a glass with 1 large ice cube in and enjoy!


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