Origin – Colombia – La Negrita – Geisha – Coffee

Origin – Colombia – La Negrita – Geisha – Coffee – Coffee Review – April 2018

“Geisha or Gesha is a variety of coffee believed to be originated in the Gesha village in Ethiopia.”

I dislike the attitude sometimes found among speciality coffee that I feel gives off “geisha is geisha” – almost meaning of course it’s good, this is simply not true.

I’ve tried quite a lot of Geisha from Panama, Malawi, Costa Rica, Guatemala, in recent years, and now Colombia. This has taught me that not all Geisha is equal.

This coffee from Origin is very special and presents its flavour profile very dominantly.

A cup of coffee, to me, often tells a story of history. It’s obvious that care and attention has taken place at the farm right the way through to the roaster, the end result is a coffee of this clarity and precision.

It’s got a huge amount of citrus with lemon, followed by the floral notes including the clean taste of a tea like delicacy. Lemon cheesecake came to mind.

I shared this coffee with friends and thought it was so good, I ordered another box.

Rating 9.98/10





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