Williams & Johnson – Natural Brazil (Santa Antonio 2018) – Coffee

I love this coffee.

For quite a number of years I’ve struggled to be happy with natural processed coffee. Natural Ethiopian used to be a favourite but all so often in recent years I’ve found the “boosiness” hard to get over.

This resulted in endless ordering of washed/honey-processed with the odd exception particularly when it came to geisha, either from Panama or as of late Costa Rica.

Williams & Johnson I’ve often thought to be the best Scottish roaster adhering to what I would consider a lighter roast profile when roasting coffee. I want to taste the coffee I don’t want to taste your roaster. I draw in my mind similarities to Workshop Coffee.

It’s clear to me that a lot of attention and detail goes into the way they roast coffee.

An interesting thing I’ve noticed with this coffee also is it’s roasted by Zack. From memory I’m sure all coffee I’ve ordered from them is roasted by Todd, but I am really unsure.

The good things about this coffee:

  • There’s no earthy flavours.
  • There’s no boozy notes.
  • The coffee is sweet and delicate.
  • It’s fruity but in a way typical of a washed coffee.
  • Notes of Blueberry & Strawberry are delicious.

Rating: 9.3/10






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