Current V60 Recipe April 2016

This is a set of rough guidelines, not written specifically for any particular coffee.
I aim to complete a V60 pour in 3 minutes from start to finish with 250g, and at the end have a perfectly flat coffee cone.
We know from science that the shape with the maximum surface area is a circle, and based on absolutely no research I concluded this is why the V60 provides such an amazing cup of coffee…if you can get your coffee filtering through the flat circular cone slowly.

Preparation, kettle with 500ml of water boiled, coffee ground electronically to a medium fine grind.

-2.00 minutes

Mountain Fold Natural V60 Paper
-1.30 minutes
1st Rinse, Rinse un-measured amount of boiled water through coffee paper
Empty Cup
-1.00 minutes
2nd Rinse, Rinse 100ml of boiled water again – Natural papers I double rinse
0.00 minutes
After adding 14-16 grams of coffee, depending on the coffee.
Natural Bloom by making a small indent to pour into and add 40g of water.
0.20 minutes
Add 40g of water, stir 5 times with bamboo stirrer.
Although it is never advised to pour directly onto the filter paper, if any ground has become stuck to the edge of the cone, I use this part of the pour to force any ground from the sides to the centre of cone. 20g of water.
Pour 50g of water.
I pour clockwise 1-2cms from the edge of the V60.
Pour a further 50g of water, I’ve noticed I start to pour slower as time gets longer, and often at this point not focusing on the edges quite as much.
At 2.00 I notice that the coffee has become rather compacted from not focusing on the edges and the coffee is filtering slower. I pour the remaining 50g in a clockwise motion again close to the edges.
All of my water is gone at hopefully exactly this time. I wait 30 seconds for the coffee to filter.
Remove cone filter.







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